MECHANICAL SUPER FINISHING to our Products Coming Soon!

by Speedtek Auto Racing on December 18, 2023
After our Exhibition at PRI Show, we got to meet several companies in relation to Metal Super Finishing.

We plan on ordering the two machines required for the job and have them sent across the Pacific all the way to our facility in Melbourne Australia.

Super Finishing metal gears produces smoother surfaces and therefore less friction, requiring less power to run and reducing power loss through transmission. It also allows transmissions to run cooler, faster and for longer by reducing drag and resisting fatigue cracks.

We aim at offering this service by Q2 2024 to all our customers. 

Price point would be around ~AUD$500 +GST (Tax) for our Gearsets and we are also looking at offering this service for our other products like Crown Wheels, Pinions, Half shafts, etc.


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